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Course fees for professional development


Dear HR Community

I am wondering if companies are paying for courses to develop their staff professionally in addition to allowances.

For instance, we have a Fire Safety Manager (FSM) who is paid a monthly allowance for being the FSM.

And the FSM has to go for courses to maintain his certification as FSM for us.

Do we have to pay for these courses since we are already paying him a monthly allowance?

We are in the real estate industry.

Thank you in advance.




HR Poll: Do you pay for professional development courses for your staff in addition to allowances?

Yes: 73.53%

No: 14.71%

Maybe: 8.82%

Not sure: 2.94%




Need to refer to his contract on the conditions (reasons) for his monthly allowance - Joanne

Yes, the company needs to pay for the course fee if he is officially hired to be your organisation's full-time FSM or additional job scope to his current position. Your company pay allowance means not a full time than depend on the contract/agreed when hiring him as FSM - Jenny

The company should pay for the course since it is part of the requirement for appointing him/ her as FSM, believe the course is necessary for an FSM. The allowance paid is to compensate him/ her for taking up an additional role, hence should not be mixed up with the course fee - AT

It is part of maintaining FSM certification for him - JS

Allowance paid is for his additional role as an FSM beside his main job. Any courses/recertification of his license as an FSM etc must be borne by the company. - Munjit

Dear Kenneth, Fire Safety is a regulatory requirement. As a guideline, our company pays for courses that are job-specific and even developmental courses. Hope it helps - Joseph

Allowance for the role and professional development are two different matters. The allowance is compensation to him for taking on additional duties. Ensuring the employee is adequate in the role and ensuring he is kept up to date with regulations etc, the company should bear the cost. - WPS

Employers are encouraged to send their employees for courses to upgrade them. In return, course fees can be subsidised and companies can claim. - Geetha


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