Hi HR Practitioners,

We have a full time employee who has just returned to work from 6 months maternity and unpaid leave. She is a EP holder. After 1 month return to office, she is still not able to catch up with her performance and frequently taking urgent leave or MC.

We have been observing her pattern since, unfortunately she is not able to give 100% focus. Recently, we provide counselling for her to understand her situation and offer that she took no pay leave for a couple of months to adapt to her new motherhood environment. But she is reluctant.

Her scope of work requires full commitment due to the schedule delivery the company has planned and having to be on standby for regional travel on adhoc basis. We also not able to move her to other dept, as we are an SME.

Due to economy slowing down, we also have keep a fixed target of resources. We are unable to recruit new employee yet. We are considering the options of her working part time instead so we can also look for other resources.

My questions are:

1) What are the guidelines of an employment pass working part time basis. Do we have to terminate her EP pass and request for S pass instead or get an LOC for her to use dependant pass instead.

2) What is the calculation of her annual leave and medical leave. Is she entitled for 2 days childcare leave for a non citizen child?

3) What other option can be considered for them to adapt new motherhood. ?

4) The last resort, we may terminate her employment. Due to being underperform and not able to define her plans on managing her issues.

Appreciate for your views and advise.



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