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COVID-19 leave encashment


Dear HR Community,

Despite COVID-19, we still have some employees with unused annual leave.

For those with unused leave are you:

1. Carrying it forward

2. Allowing employees to encash it

3. Asking them to clear the leave before year-end

We are in manufacturing.

Please share your practices.

Thank you




HR Poll: For those with unused leave

Carry it forward: 33.33%

Ask them to clear it before year-end: 61.11%

Allow employees to encash it: 3.70%

Not sure what we will do: 1.85%




We will ask employees to clear leave before the year-end.

We are in the Finance Industry.




Staff were asked to clear their unused leave by Q1 or Q2 unless they can provide good reasons like work commitment.




Staff are allowed to carry forward the maximum number of days allowed to the following year according to company HR policy. Any extra days must be cleared in the current year or be forfeited. Our policy is a maximum of 5 days. Exceptional cases for more time to clear leave are considered on a case-by-case basis.




Staff are allowed to carry forward to next year and to clear before the 1st quarter of the year. Any balance leave carried forward after 1st quarter will be forfeited.




We allow more leave to be carried forward




We just revised their policy from a July Fiscal year carry over to January so they have a large amount carried forward. We will encourage usage and continue with the transitional plan in place.




Shortly after the pandemic started, we anticipated this concern and already started encouraging employees to clear leave prior year-end. Unless your industry belongs to essential work like healthcare; I have heard one organisation practice encashment.




Unused leave will be forfeited.




If you do not encash it, it will cost the company. Most companies are conserving cash now.




All AL to be cleared by year-end is the normal policy and not because it's due to Covid-19




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