COVID-19 Support

Dear HR Community,

As the pandemic transitions into an endemic HR professionals will face more COVID-19 cases within their organisations.

So, what are you thinking of doing to support your employees who have contracted the virus through no fault of theirs?

To help HR practitioners and the general public the government has published some FAQs which you can access by clicking here.

And there are resources for those who will be recovering from home which HR can share by clicking here.

The most recent advisory on the guidelines for handling those employees who are required to stay at home may be found by clicking here.

All these may be confusing for the employees and even for HR people who have the unenviable task of having to explain and implement the turn of changes as they move back and forth.

Still, it is the duty of every HR person to be aware of and empathise with every employee as they cope with the physiological and emotional facets of this virus.



HR Poll: Do you have policies to support your employees who test positive for Covid-19?

Yes: 42.86%

No: 33.33%

Maybe: 4.76%

Not sure: 19.05%




Working from home; constant update changes to them by email; get each dept managers to communicate with their subordinates constantly. - HWW

ART test kits, emails of advisories and mental wellness to support psychologically to employees, organize online activities to engage the staff like webinars, games, etc. - LCH

We don't have any policy in place yet. - Shaun

We will ask staff to contact MOH/HPB for advice/instructions and to follow them. Update HOD and HR as and when they are updates. - Sam



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