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Dear HR Community Subscribers,

We are in the manufacturing industry and we are considering buying COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kits for our employees to self-test.

We think this is one way of keeping our work environment safe when employees return to the workplace in the future and also that they are keeping themselves well while at home.

We also understand that it will be part of the measures to provide incentives to our employees to be vaccinated.

Thank you for your inputs.




HR Poll: Are you buying COVID-19 test kits for employees?

Yes: 18.42%

No: 28.95%

Maybe: 15.79%

Not sure: 36.84%



REPLIES & COMMENTS: What incentives are you providing to ensure employees stay safe?

Encourage WFH, implement staggered working hours, and safe distancing for the rest who have to be in the office. - Joanne

Not at the moment. - Nina

Insurance with coverage of Covid-19 and WFH as much as possible. - YYJ

We allow staff to claim under their flex benefits dollar. - TSY

We provide sanitizers and wipes. - Nadirah

Time off to go for vaccination. Allowed to work from home the week after vaccination if vaccination was done on the weekend. - Shirlynn

Education through sessions. - AM

No incentives. - MR

Not at the moment - Susan

Singapore - Day off on vaccination day. Japan - Reimburse transport fees India - Arrange vaccination at a clinic (including family) - SYN

Not sure, haven’t decided - AW

Provide masks and hand sanitizers - Elaine

Everyone at the office is now WFH - Rina


Thought about buying the self-test kits when it was launched.

However, considering:

If staff is feeling unwell, they should go to the clinic directly – so there will no use of the test kit??
Some clients request suppliers' staff to take tests – so thought about buying these – but it cannot be verified (basically clients want verification by 3rd party) – so no use.

Nevertheless, it is good to have some for 'emergency use'.
Just an input.





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