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Dear HR Community

I understand that the Ministry of Health (MOH) has removed all COVID restrictions in workplaces and there is now no longer any protocol to follow.

Previously, when an employee tested positive for COVID-19, they were only allowed to report for work after five days of medical leave and had to have tested negative.

Nowadays, however, doctors are only giving 2 or 3 days MC for anyone with COVID.

In our company, which is in the manufacturing industry, we still prefer employees to return to work only after testing negative.

But if they are still testing positive for COVID-19 after 3 days of medical leave, they will now need to revisit the doctor for an extension of their MC.

And this is even if they no longer have any symptoms like fever and are generally feeling well.

Furthermore, if an employee still has COVID but no more MC, they can be at work without the need for isolation, since there are no current MOH guidelines.

As the current measures may still pose a health risk to other employees at work, I wish to understand how companies here are currently handling COVID cases in their work environment.

Please provide your current practices in the form below.

Thank you for your replies in advance.


Do employees who have COVID need to come to work?

Yes: 8.33%

No: 9.52%

They can work from home (WFH): 51.19%

Only if they test negative: 27.38%

Sometimes: 2.38%

Not Sure: 1.19%

Comments from the HR Community

Employees who are tested positive will stay away from work until they are tested negative. – Jon

If the employees do not have any more MC, they will need to come back to work since there are no more health protocols in place. – Kelvin

Employees who are COVID+ have to visit the doctor and get MC and revisit the doctor if they still don’t feel well. To return when tested negative. – Hazel

Strictly follow doctor’s MC – Janice

They are allowed to come to work after their sick leave ends. If they still tested positive for COVID-19 and feel unwell we would advise them to seek a doctor’s assessment. We will advise them to practice good hygiene and social responsibility like putting on masks. – Aida

We work in the financial sector. Employees with COVID will not be permitted in the office; however, they can take sick leave to recover at home, and if they feel well enough to work, we will allow them to work remotely until they test negative.

I understand your company’s situation and am with you. In the event our company staff is positive – they are granted sick leave and should not report to the office. We do not require MC if it is COVID-19. if they are well to work from home and their role permit, they can do so. If they cannot work from home and result in a number of days of MC, we consider favorably deducting from hospitalisation leave so it is still paid. – Z

As there is no MOH/MOM protocol to follow now for Covid+, staff will have to see a doctor and get MC for as long as they need to be absent from work. – Lucy

For office-based, they can work from home but for Operations, they are only allowed to come back after showing negative self-test results. However, after 5 days, they are allowed to come back even if the result is positive. This is our company practice. So far, doctors give 5 or 7 days of medical leave for those infected. – EL

If employees are able to work from home they should be allowed to work from home till they are tested negative. – Lee

We only allow employees to be back when they are tested negative, as we do not want any risk of mass infections. – Edward

For office-based, staff will be on MC for 5 days (no MC is required) as long as they take a picture of the test result with their name and date to prove the positive result. They can also opt to work from home if they are well but they are requested to continue to work from home for a week after testing negative. – Elaine

It has now become a social responsibility. Although the transmission rate is a lot lower after 5 days, we would prefer an EE to stay home until tested negative. However, I do understand that there are companies that will allow EEs to report to work after MC has expired especially for work that cannot be WFH. On another note, how does your company treat MC due to COVID? I know of companies that would classify COVID-19 as hospitalisation instead of normal sick leave. – Erin

If the employee is well, they may come back to the office If the employee is still not well, he/she will be encouraged to see a doctor again. – Janet

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