Current Mileage Claim

Dear fellow HR professionals

With the rising petrol prices, has anyone made any adjustment to the transport mileage claim.

Our company is currently giving S$0.55 cents per kilometre.

We are in the construction industry.

Appreciate any sharing on what is the current trend now.

Thank you.



HR Poll: My current transport mileage claim is

S$0.55 cents per kilometre - 11.11%

S$0.60 cents per kilometre - Education, engineering, IT  industries. - 50.00%

S$0.65 cents per kilometre - Process industry - 11.11%

S$0.70 cents per kilometre - 8.33%

More than S$0.70 cents per kilometre - 13.89%

Less than S$0.55 cents per kilometre - Wholesale trade - 5.56%




Our company has just increased to S$0.84 cents p/km. - Manufacturing

My previous company 0.65 cents ( manufacturing) - Joan

We are reimbursing S$0.60/km, O&G Industry. This rate was set many years ago. - Lyn



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