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Dealing with Workplace Harassment


Hi HR Folks,

May I know how would you handle when you receive a complaint from female staff that a male staff texted her and asked if she is still single and keen to go for a date? This male staff also approached other female colleagues.

Thank you




When we receive a complaint, we will properly go with our procedure step by step:

1) Within five working days of receiving the complaint, our HR manager will initiate the investigation to determine whether it is a reasonable basis for believing that the alleged violation.

2) During the investigation, our HR manager together with legal compliance manager and internal control manager will interview the complainant, the respondent and any witnesses to determine whether the alleged conduct occurred.

3) Within 15 working days of the complaint being filed, our HR manager will conclude the investigation and submit a written report of her findings to the Management.

4) If it is determined that harassment in violation has occurred, our HR manager will recommend appropriate disciplinary action.

5) If the investigation is inconclusive or if it is determined that there has been no violation but potentially problematic conduct may have occurred, our HR manager may recommend appropriate preventive action.

6) Within five days after the investigation is concluded, our HR manager will meet with the complainant and the respondent separately, notify them of the findings of the investigation, and inform them of the action being recommended.

7) The complainant and the respondent may submit statements to the HR manager challenging the factual basis of the findings. Any such statement must be submitted no later than five working days after the meeting with the HR manager in which the findings of the investigation are discussed. Any employee engaging in improper harassing behaviour will be subject to disciplinary action, including counselling, warnings, suspensions or the possible termination of employment.

8) Our harassment prohibition policy aims to promote our employer branding, reduce lower productivity and morale associated with harassing conduct, prevent good employees from leaving to work in a better environment, protect against retaliation, cover harassment by anyone in the workplace and encourage employees to report harassment before it becomes severe or pervasive.




Please proceed to take action against this male staff as soon as possible.

You should have policy and form about office harassment for this worker to log the report. After that such report statement should come with supporting documents and approach this male staff to notify him about this. Management then will need to make decision on what kind of action need to be done example like warning letter to that male employee.

If external parties are preferred, the affected person can also consider approaching associations, unions, or professional organisations for advice on dealing with harassment. This female employee can file a police report as well.




Based on your brief description, I feel that this may not amount to harassment under the penal code. Physical contact or proximity too close for comfort and stalking is illegal too.



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