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Deferring onboarding during COVID-19


We have a candidate who was to start work on 4 May.

Since the "circuit breaker" has now been extended to 1 June, can we defer the onboarding of the person?

Is it against the employment act to defer the onboarding?

Thank you





We have deferred 3 of our new joiners by issuing a letter to these employees due to the circuit breaker.




Hi Mandy

It is up to the company should they decide to defer on-boarding.

However, do note that your contract with the employee starts on 4 May 2020. As the employer, you are to pay the employee salary upon commencement of work even if you delay the on-boarding process.

Should you would like to delay the employee's commencement date, you may consider adding an addendum to your original contract. Both the employer and employee would need to agree and sign on the addendum to make it effectively.




Hi Mandy,

So long as it a mutual agreement between both parties, it’s fine.

However, given the current situation in Singapore, you should still be able to arrange to pass the laptop to the new hire and thereafter arrange for online onboarding.


Best regards,



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