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Dependent pass change


Dear HR Community Subscribers,

We are in the digital analytics industry and have many foreigners working for us.

And with effect from 1 May, the status of those foreigners who are employed with a dependent pass will change and they will require a work pass to continue their employment.

As a result, we wish to know how you are handling the affected staff like communicating with those who will be let go.

Thank you for all the help and replies.




HR Poll: Will the dependent pass change affect your organisation?

Yes: 38.10%

No: 52.38%

Maybe: 4.76%

Not sure: 4.76%




I did enquire with the authorities. And their reply was: only apply for their work pass when their LOC is expiring. - Elsie

The DP holder will have another 1 year to go, The message has been already communicated though. If the company is having a quota requirement by then (2022), the company might apply for a work pass. - Nirosha

Currently, none of our employees are dependant pass holders. - AM

Just apply for a work pass (WP) in due course. - Anne

We don't have this category of workers. - Rina


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