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Dear HR Professionals,

May I know how do you pay employees who are asked to come back at midnight say 2 to 3 am? How much transport allowance do you pay on such occasion or you just reimburse taxi fare 2-way?

If am employee's day shift is starting at 7am but he came to work due to call back and worked till 4am, what time should he start work? How is payment made?

Thank you.


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We would usually allow the employee to be fully reimbursed for the cab fare back and forth.

If the employee gets called back during non-working hours, the we will grant them time off the next day so that they can rest sufficiently before coming back to work.

Time off duration will depends on how many hours of support work they were required to do during the non-working hours. E.g. 4 hours would equate to half a day off. So if they start work at 7am on usual shift, they can come in at 1pm after the 4hrs off and 1 hr lunch break.

If they are called back on weekends or public holidays, we will grant them half day or full day off-in-lieu (to be approved by MD) that they can utilise whenever they need. This is in the scenario that their usual working days does not include weekends.


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1) We reimburse the taxi fares - 2 ways.

2)  If he were recalled back to office at 2am and worked till 4am and his day shift starts at 7am, we will give him a day off.



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