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Employee Applying for PR or Citizenship


Dear all,

May I consult how do you handle if the employee want to apply PR or citizenship?

I understand in the application it will require company information like paid up capital and Annual turnover, do you reveal that to the employee? If yes, do you request a copy of the complete application form from the employee to be keep in their personal file? Can the employee reject to this request?

Thank you.


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I haven't had this issue of employee refusing to provide a copy of the form as the employer needs to stamp and acknowledge on the Annex. HR will only endorse on the Annex when the form is fully filled and we will keep a photocopy in their file in case we are contacted for purposes of their PR application. If they do not provide the full form, then HR will not endorse.

As for the company information, even if the employer doesn't provide to the employee, the information can be purchased directly from ACRA.

Joo Wee

Reply 2

Yes, we do provide information on Annex A form. We will retain copy of this form only and not the entire application form.


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Employer of course can reject. To be frank, 90% will take SPR then will look for higher pay job; that’s human.


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I only keep Annex 4A, which is the company completed form in their P files to keep track of the information that the company has signed off on. I do not keep the full application form as the application of PR is a personal matter, and I do not see the need in keeping it. If they obtain PR then we keep their NRIC records.


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Yes, we do provide the information as it's essential in their applications. We also do file a copy of that particular page as it has to be endorsed and signed off by a company representative.



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