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Employee background check policy


Dear HR Community,

I have been tasked by my management to roll out a policy on employee background checks.

As I understand it, background checks are carried out to investigate a potential employee.

May I know in your opinion, what can we be allowed to check so that we do not affect the privacy of the person.

And what factors should I consider when implementing such a policy.

Lastly, if anyone has a template or sample to share, that would be most helpful.

We are in the legal industry.

Thank you so much.







Hi Ann

You will need to inform your candidates that you will perform a background check and require their consent before proceeding to do so.

This will form part of your hiring process and suitable policy for the rationale and implementation can be included in the documentation.

You should also consider using a third party to conduct the background checks for you as they are likely to have the experience and resources.

Hope this helps you!




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