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Employee care package for Covid-19


Dear HR Community,

I'm intending to provide a one-time care package, which includes cash for all our employees this month and I am looking for ideas on what to offer.

These two months would have been difficult for them and the hope is that this package will motivate them when they return to work next month.

We are in the construction industry.

Have any of you rolled out anything similar? Or perhaps you are planning to?

Looking forward to your suggestions.





Dear Nur

We offer

1) Internet and electricity allowance
2) Flexible benefits on office furniture and monitor.
3) Premium payment per occasion for essential employees.

The above may not apply to every employee in every country. It varies from country to country.





Dear Nur,

We provided the following as assistance for our employees:

1.  A bundle of health supplements and antibacterial items

2. Cash to help out with the family expenses like utilities etc

3. Surprise food platter to thank them for their commitment and dedication as food from the heart never fails to engage people around us




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