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Dear HR Practitioners,

Our company has to build relationships globally.

If we have recruited overseas people who live overseas to work for us, are they called "employee"? They are not located in Singapore, nor under work pass sponsored by the Company.

Are they entitled to any employment benefit such as annual leave even though we are unable to track their attendance as they work overseas for us? If they are called "contractor", will it be more suitable?





If you have recruited overseas people who live overseas to work for you, they are called “employee” as long as they are under service of your company (abiding and following your company’s rules and regulations).

Similar to other employees, they are entitled to enjoy benefit package even they may work at flexi-time (flexible working hour). The point is thing has been done as assigned. If they are called “contractor”, it will be more suitable (if their employment is contract-based).

e.g. US contractor (security) in Iraq.

Indian contractor (IT software developer) in Bangalore for US Silicon Valley.




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