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Employee Handbook or Staff Manual


Dear all,

Can I know if it is normal to have an Employee Handbook as well as a Staff Manual? What's covered in each? Wouldn't it be easier to have a single document?

Thank you.




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We have a general employee handbook that provides an overview of many topics related to employment in the company. Separately, we have an HR policy and procedure manual that provides detailed information and forms on the respective HR topics (for example various types of leave and how they are administered).




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If can combine, do it the simple way. SME approach. If too complex and vast diversity, like Officers (Mgrs/Exes) and Ors Ranks (Blue collar/bargainable) varied greatly, probably do two for confidentiality brief.




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In general, Employee Handbook and Staff manual are usually the same its also called HR Manual. In some organizations, an Employee handbook is a booklet given to the employee upon their recruitment during the induction period and Staff manual is referred to as HR manual.