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Employee Lateness


Dear HR Members,

We have actually come up with a grace period of 10 minutes daily for lateness. Any staff who are late after the grace period will have to apply for time-off.

However, it seems that about 80% of the staff still come in late everyday.

Would appreciate if you could share with me how to go about implementing policy since the above mentioned is not working.

Thanks in advance.






You may implement late fee contribution to staff gathering fund. eg. $5





It would appear that employees are simply taking advantage of the company’s lack of or inaction against latecomers since 80% of them are coming late.The appropriate action is to implement a policy that frequent tardiness will not be tolerated and that disciplinary action will be taken against recalcitrant staff. The important point here is for the company to determine unacceptable frequency i.e. late 3 times, 4 times , 5 times, etc, and the type of disciplinary action relative to the frequency, culminating in the termination of employment. Technically, there should be no grace period as employees are expected to arrive on or before starting time. However, company can choose to be flexible to accept a grace period, preferably less than 10 minutes. Once standard is clear and action is taken against offenders, the percentage of latecomers should be 80%-90% punctuality, instead of your current numbers.





Do you company has monthly staff KPI? If yes, input the lateness as one of the metrics in the KPI. Please note that this KPI must tied in with performance appraisal which will affect the overall performance. This will impact on annual increment, bonus etc.

Alternatively, some company will implement monthly performance KPI where the result will determine whether the staff receive the incentive. By tied in the lateness KPI, this will affect the staff from getting the incentive.

Yuan Yuan




We fine staff who are late for every minute. The fines collected would be put towards buying meals for all the staff in the company (including latecomers) once it has reached a certain amount. It works over time. After one year, we have zero lateness now.

Chun Heng




HR can come up with any policy, but it takes all department heads to believe and cooperate - subordinates who are late often should be disciplined.

It there is no corporation, HR should bring the matter to the top Management. Pressure from top down always work (usually).




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