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Employee Referral Program


Hi HR Professionals,

Could you share on how much does your company reward staff who referred a successful candidate to the company. Is there a different quantum for different job level and employee type (i.e only perm position or contract position also included?)





We have the followings:

1. Successful employment – 150
2. pass probation – 350
3. completion of 1 year – 500

We only offer for perm position only. Do share yours too.





Our referral scheme only rewards employees for their referral if the Referred Candidate passes his/her probation as follows:

a) Team Lead and above :$1000
b) Admin /Executive/ Manager (without direct report) : $850

It is however applicable only to full-time/permanent position and employees who are not involved in recruitment or hiring process of Referred Candidates (eg. Supervisor of the potential Referred Candidate are not eligible for such award)





Our referral program has been a success since it rolled out in 2017. Employees enjoy the generous rewards we provide for successful referral. To be fair, our referral fees given to each employee for a successful reference and hire is very attractive. Hence it has garnered much interest amongst our many employees who are always very eager to introduce their friends or known associates to us for potential hires.

Based on my experience past many years introducing referral programme, these are the significant benefits holistically:

-Better candidate quality
-Better candidate fit
-Better retention probability
-Better adaptation to the Company’s culture
-Better employee engagement
-Speed up recruitment process
-Quicker onboarding
-Boost morale of both the referrer and the referee
-Lower costs in hiring
-Wider candidate pool

Our referral program is still going on strong today.



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