Attracting and retaining talented employees using retention strategies

Employee Retention Strategies

The perception of both HR and management has often been to offer compensation to attract and retain talented people. This has worked well in attracting talented individuals. Less so when retaining them.

HR departments are likely to increase retention by focusing on the following.

Culture - A culture that values the people in the organisation will have a deterring effect on employees planning to leave.

Trust - Where there is trust, there is mutual respect and employees feel happier in the organisation. And happy staff resonates with higher job satisfaction levels.

Growth - Employees who have the opportunity to develop themselves through learning opportunities have a greater regard for the companies they work in.

Transparency - Being honest and showing integrity when communicating with employees will result in a greater feeling of belief in the values of the organisation.

Respect - Recognising employees makes them feel respected. They will be acknowledged and develop a sense of belonging to the organisation.

Keep employees happy and engaged and they will stay longer with you.

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