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Employee termination in Thailand


Dear HR Community,

I have an employee in our office in Thailand whose employment we wish to terminate.

She was involved in a car accident and has been on medical leave since April.

And due to her medical condition, her medical leave has been extended further to August.

Given her current situation and the economic environment in Thailand, it is unlikely that she will have her old job if she ever returns to work.

Yet, she is reluctant to resign and so we have to terminate her employment.

Can anyone please advise how this can be done without flouting the labour laws in Thailand.

Thank and regards







Hi Sharon

You can give a 60-day termination notice as prescribed by their labour law and be specific why she is being terminated.

Give severance pay, salary payment during the notice period, and any unused entitlements like leaves.

This should prevent any labour case of terminating without cause.

Best of luck



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