Create and sustain HR initiatives to increase employee engagement in your organisation. Please scroll down for more information.


At the heart of all employee engagement initiatives is communication. Good leaders and HR practitioners would know what motivates their employees, apply this knowledge to create opportunities for development and reinforce the value of an employee's contribution; and provide challenges and rewards to stimulate the workforce, fostering a supportive environment where employees want to and can succeed.

However, creating such a work environment is complex. With the influx of younger workers and the proliferation of technology at work, the environment needs to be more flexible and transparent. When people join the organisation, there is always the need to continuously improve, redesign and tweak the work environment to make it modern, humane and enjoyable; and when they leave, it is usually a combination of the organisation and all its elements that cause the turnover.

From guiding their employees to nurturing high performance teams, the responsibility for employee engagement often falls on direct managers. Yet, research shows that a high proportion of managers strongly believe they cannot influence the action plan to improve engagement, as organisational strategies and budgets are determined by the executive team.

Being inherently cross-functional, the HR function has a certain degree of authority in terms of managing the employees.  So, it is down to HR practitioners to integrate and sustain employee engagement in HR initiatives and strategy.

This one day workshop focuses on how the HR role can be proactive and effective in driving employee engagement.

Course Details: 


• Apply the concept and practical framework of employee engagement in your workplace

• Develop a holistic employee engagement plan

• Appreciate the business case in support of employee engagement initiatives

• Recognise key implications of employee engagement for HRM practices

• Develop and measure employee-engagement HR initiatives

• Recognise workplace conditions that drive employee engagement

• Identify opportunities to improve workplace conditions that drive employee engagement

Who should attend

• HR practitioners.

• Line Managers who would like to explore innovative proactive ways in promoting employee engagement in their organization.



To anchor the learning behaviour, the workshop incorporates:

• Applicable industry examples
• Interactive exercises and role plays
• Case studies
• Videos


• Employee engagement framework and model

• Research overview of employee engagement

• Trends impacting employee engagement

• The 9 pillars of employee engagement

• The 10 C’s of employee engagement

• The nature and drivers of employee engagement

• Challenges facing employee engagement today

• The business case in support of employee engagement initiatives

• The roles of both HR and Management in engaging employees

• Key implications for Human Resource Management practices

• Integrating and sustaining employee engagement in HR strategy

• Developing effective employee engagement HR initiatives

• Developing employee engagement surveys

• Global issues relating to employee engagement

• The dark side of high employee engagement


Benefits of Attending the Workshop

• Refresher strategic and holistic approach to employee engagement that will enhance existing skills for HR practitioners

• Facilitate HR practitioners understanding that we cannot drive engagement for our employees, but we can help them find what is important for them and how to make it work


Questions this workshop provides answers to:

• What exactly is employee engagement?

• How can HR initiatives improve employee engagement?

• What is the difference between employee satisfaction and employee engagement?

• Is employee engagement a factor in employee retention?

• What are the benefits of employee engagement?

• How to turn employee engagement survey results into action?

• How does employee engagement affect the business?

• What is the role of HR in employee engagement?

• How do I develop and implement employee engagement HR initiatives?

• How do I know if employee engagement initiatives are effective?

• How do I approach employee engagement in my workplace?

• Is there a model or framework in employee engagement that I can use for my workplace?

• What is Management’s role in employee engagement?

• What are the trends in employee engagement?

• Is there such a thing as too much employee engagement?

• Is the digital age driving employee engagement?

• How to establish a culture of employee engagement?

• Who is responsible for employee engagement?

• What are the types and levels of employee engagement?



Elsie Low is a HR Practitioner with over 25 years of experience. She has specific experience and strength in talent acquisition, human resource development, compensation and benefits development, payroll administration and management, talent management, employee communication and relations. She is a visionary and performance focused professional. Coupled with that, she has excellent business acumen with strong work ethics.

Elsie has worked in various multi-national and local SMEs and in different sectors such as manufacturing, electronics, construction, engineering and oil & gas. Her span of responsibility and experience are spent in various regional and leadership roles across different regions in ASEAN, Australia, China and Middle East.

Elsie graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Human Resource and a MBA in Finance. She also possesses the Certificate in Workplace Basics from Fairwork Commission Australia and an Advanced Certificate of Training and Assessment (ACTA).

She is currently one of the trainers for HRSINGAPORE's HR Certification Courses.

Administrative Details:

Scheduled Dates

• 9 July 2024  (Face-to-Face)  (12th Run)

Duration / Venue

• One day

• 9 am to 5:30 pm

• Hotel seminar room


A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded at the end of the course.


Course Fee

• S$ 708.50 w/GST (S$650.00) for Community/Corporate

• S$ 741.20 w/GST (S$680.00) for Non-Subscribers


• UTAP Funding is available for NTUC Union Members ($250 or $500 for those aged 40 and above for courses attended between 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2025).

• Grants/Subsidies/SkillsFuture Credit are not applicable.


• Coffee & tea with snacks during the morning and afternoon breaks

• Lunch will be provided

Past Participants:

Past Participants' Comments

• "The entire course has been beneficial to my understanding of this topic" - Daphne Ng, element14 Pte Ltd

• "Great sharing by the trainer on her experiences" - Mylene Soh, The American Club

• "Very informative!" - Cindy Low, Helvetia Swiss Insurance Company Ltd (Singapore Branch)

• "Very good program, very experienced & knowledgeable instructor. Very enjoyable!" - Sharon Ng

• "Relevant & informative. Understand the more holistic perspective." - Jessica Soh

Past Participant Organisations

• Bollore Logistics Singapore Pte Ltd

• COSL Drilling Pan-Pacific, CAAS, Cyber Security Agency of Singapore

• DHI Water & Environment (S)

• Edmund Optics Singapore Pte Ltd, ENGIE Services Singapore Pte Ltd, element14 Pte Ltd

• Focus on the Family Singapore

• Goodrich Aerospace Pte Ltd, Geneva Master Time Marketing LLP

• Health Promotion Board, HAVI Services Pte Ltd, Helvetia Swiss Insurance Company Ltd (Singapore Branch), HC Surgical Specialists Limited

• ifm electronic Asia Pte Ltd, ITE College East – School of Business & Services, IINO Singapore Pte Ltd

• LVMH Fragrances & Cosmetics (S) Pte Ltd

• Media Development Authority, Metta Welfare Association, Ministry of Defence, Mahidol University International College

• National Arts Council, National Environment Agency, NYK Group South Asia Pte Ltd

• Oxley Otto, Oliver Healthcare Packaging Asia Pte Ltd

• Palfinger Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

• Republic Polytechnic, Rohde & Schwarz Asia

• Sodexo Singapore, St Joseph's Home, StarHub, Showa Denko HD Singapore Pte Ltd, Solutino Pte Ltd, Singapore Centre for Chinese Language Ltd, Sree Narayana Mission (Singapore), Simmons (SEA) Pte Ltd, School of the Arts, Singapore

• Tee Hai Chem, TPS Corporate Services, Transit Link, Siemens Postal Parcel & Airport Logistics Pte Ltd, Singapore Epson Industrial Pte Ltd, The American Club, Toshin Development Singapore Pte Ltd

• UEMS Solutions Pte Ltd

• World Courier Singapore Pte Ltd, Whitford Pte Ltd, Wrise Management Services

• Yayasan MENDAKI