Taking preliminary steps to design a plan to improve Employer Branding for your organization.


Employer branding is becoming a buzz word in the market, and many HR professionals are being asked to look into the world of employer branding. With social media emerging as one of the key communication and marketing channels, employer branding is now no longer confined within employees, ex-employees and their friends and family. Experiences are shared widely across industries, domains and also the Singapore labour market at large.

In a tight labour market, employer branding is no longer something which employers can ignore. If no action is taken, organisations will lose the best talent to their competitors, and the long-term business impact is detrimental.

While the topic straddles between marketing and communications department and HR, HR professional can take a more serious view in this topic and provide insights to business stakeholders on how to better manage this domain.

Course Details: 


• Knowing what is Employer Branding and why does it matter?


• Understanding the impact of Employer Branding in today’s tight labour market.


• The ability to utilize a step-by-step framework to understand the possible measurement of employer branding and how they relate to the organisation’s practices and operations.


• To begin preliminary steps in measuring your organization Employer Branding.


• To take preliminary steps to design a plan to improve Employer Branding for your organization.


1. The Meaning of Employer Branding and the influence

- Definition of Employer Branding and difference between that and company/product branding

- How Employer Branding influence the business: Examples of good and poor employer branding

- Should Employer Branding be under Marketing and Communications department or HR?


2. Identify the Employer Branding channels and measurement(s)

- Evaluate the current situation of Employer Branding to its impact – Specifically in Employee Recruitment, Engagement, and Retention

- Identify the key influencing factors of Employer Branding using a step-by-step guide and examples

- Step by Step guide to measure the factors affecting Employer Branding

- How to analyse the data points of the measurement?


3. Methods to improving Employer Branding

- Step-by-step guide on how to improve Employer Branding

- Analysis of methods and their channels: Pros and Cons of methods


4. Designing a holistic plan for Employer Branding

- Linking ‘next steps’ to resources, impact and outcome: Hands-on Exercise

- How to leverage employer branding for business impact

- How should HR professional present their opportunities?

Who should attend

• Senior HR Executives; HR Supervisors; Assistant HR Managers; HR Managers.


Benefits of attending this workshop

• Understand what Employer Branding entails and how it impacts organisations

• Understand the traits of Best Employers

• Understand the channels and measurements for Employer Branding

• Understand the tools and associated impacts they aim to drive

• In-class application and discussion of the knowledge learned to bring back to individual organization.


What questions this training programme provides answers to:

• What is Employer Branding?

• Should my organization be concerned or pay attention with Employer Branding?

• How can HR professionals value-add in the area of Employer Branding?


Eric Lim Wee Hiok has more than 10 years of HR experience which stretches across the different domains of HR, from L&D to performance management, talent management and business partnering.

Eric was an in-house consultant for Marina Bay Sands (MBS) and Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) Banking Group. He has also worked for two different Government Ministries and served as consultant to different companies for projects such as employee engagement, employer branding, business consulting and leadership competencies. Eric has designed many Talent Management and Organisation Development initiatives to help organization excel.

Eric is an experienced trainer and his main training forte includes Leadership, Service Excellence, Team Building and facilitation of strategic retreats. He also designed ad-hoc training courses for performance management, employee engagement and other HR related workshops for line managers and leaders.

Eric possesses a Master’s of Science in HRM, a Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Training and Development and a Graduate Diploma in Human Capital Management. He is also a certified facilitator and NLP practitioner, possesses a coaching certification and has coached clients from various industries including non-profit organizations.

Administrative Details:

Scheduled Dates

• Date to be advised


• One day

• 9 am to 5 pm



A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded at the end of the course.



• S$ 550 for Community

• S$ 580 for Non-Subscribers


• Coffee & tea with snacks during the morning and afternoon breaks

• Buffet lunch with vegetarian & halal options


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