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Employment Contract


Dear HR Professionals,

We have a manager (age 63 now) whom we hired in July 2017. After working with the company for 16 months, the management has evaluated that his performance is not up to expectations and is hindering the department's KPIs.

The management considering the following 2 options:

1. Can the company convert her full-time employment contract to an annual contract at the employee's next birthday in April 2019?

2. The management plans to talk to the manager to tell him of his below average performance. To give him a timeline to perform / buck up. If still not up to the performance expectations, can the company give him two months' notice period (as per employment contract) and ask him to leave.

Appreciate any advice you can give. Thanks.




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You may do both (1) and (2). Based on the date of hire vis-a-vis employee's age, she is not covered under the Retirement and Re-employment Act.




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I would suggest going for option 2 with the addition of the following points. 1, Figure out the reason for his low performance and if training/ consultation will make him productive enough. That will motivate him too. 2, Monitoring Frequency by the line manager is to be increased to have a clear idea of his performance graph.