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Employment Pass Renewal


Dear Fellow HR Practitioners,

When renewing EP, we did the SAT testing. Anyone have such a problem where the SAT indicates that EP renewal is only eligible if the salary is at a certain level, otherwise S Pass will be granted (provided there is sufficient S Pass quota). What if the salary difference is quite substantial and you do not want to increase the salary of the staff just like that. Have you encountered this dilemma , what would you do ?

Appreciate your sharing.

Thank you.




The case is very often. As SATs is there to perform the initial check on some of the basic criteria had been met, if such criteria are not met, they will not grant the permit. In the case that the salary is too much difference, it likely means that MOM believe the market value of such a staff at this level require this amount of salary for EP, otherwise you should employ local if you felt the FT is not up to the required standard, or the position actually does not match EP requirement, hence you should be looking at S-PASS instead.



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