Hi Fellow HR Practitioners,

I would like to ask if staff on probation are not allowed to take leave, will you put this inside the employment contact ? What is the common market practice in company ?



1.   We could include a clause that staff on probation are not entitled to paid leave and can still take leave which will be treated as unpaid.

2.  We will state in the employment contract that only confirmed staff is entitled to annual leave.

3.  Taking leave during probation period is considered as ‘No pay leave’. It could be included in the employment contract because I am aware that some companies does include in the contract.

4.  We disclose it in our handbook

5.  On the appointment letter usually we will state that employee has to go for 3-months probation period. This is to evaluate the suitability of the position offered. Therefore, during probation period there is no annual leave or medical leave benefits. Should staff wants to take, we will treat it as 'No-pay-leave" but strictly discourage. It is only upon confirmation, employee will entitle to benefits i.e, medical, annual leave, compassionate & marriage leave which should include in the appointment letter, to show the difference & to avoid misunderstanding.

6.  Not allow to take AL, but AL starts from joined date.

7.  It is quite misleading to state that only confirmed staff is entitled to annual leave. Some companies probation period can be 6 months, though generally it is 3 months (but there could be cases probation is extended also). Under MOM regulations, so long employee serve more than 3 months of service and irregardless of their status, they are entitled to annual leave, medical leave/benefits.