We assist in vetting employment contracts, offer letters other documents to ensure that they are in line with current practices

Employment Contracts Vetting

The Letter of Offer or Employment Contract is an important document for both employees and employers during the tenure period. Not only does it have to adhere to the current employment laws, it also has to protect both employers and employee by defining what can or cannot be done, as well as the benefits and compensation.
Our consultants can assist companies in vetting the existing employment contracts for relevance and compliance and organizations will then have a clearer picture of any issue or problems with their Employment Contracts.
The Approach:
• Examine current employment contracts for content relevance, compliance, language readability level and complexity.

• Clauses that can be included in the employment contracts including Confidentiality, Non-Compete Trade and Termination of Employment etc.

• Companies can have the option of also vetting by a qualified legal practitioner.

• These contracts are for Singapore only.


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