This course ensures you understand and are compliant with the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act in Singapore.


The change of pace has brought global competition to a higher level. As Singapore is facing an ageing workforce with low fertility rate, the growth of the workforce is projected to slow down from 4% annually to 1% in 2020. Despite having the ultimate goal to build a Singaporean workforce, time is needed as some manual or labour-intensive jobs are shunned by Singaporeans and we lack the technical competencies for certain professional jobs. Henceforth, we have to bring in foreign workers to supplement our workforce in order to prevent our wages from appreciating so high that companies relocate their operations.

Therefore, it is vital that we are well acquainted with the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act (EFMA) and Employment of Foreign Manpower (Levy Order) to manage this group of employees and reduce potential conflicts between employers and employees. On top of that, it is critical that our policies are compliant with the legal requirements to avoid being fined or curtailment of the Work Pass privilege.


(Face-to-face training with safe distancing and precautionary measures undertaken at our hotel venues which are certified SG Clean. We will continue to adopt a small class size for all our courses)

Course Details: 


1. Understanding of the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act and its applications

2. List out the legal requirements for Work Pass, Work Permit, S Pass and Employment Pass

3. Discuss about current legislation governing Family Pass and Dependent Pass

4. Describe application processes for Work Permit and Employment Pass

5. Understand the levy for Foreign Employee or self-employed foreigner

6. Acquainted with vital information and procedures to terminate the Employment of Foreign Employee

Who should attend

• HR personnel.

• Line managers.

• Supervisors.

• Those who are involved in people management, counseling, change processes and managing interpersonal relationships within their organization.


Part I : Employment of Foreign Manpower Act

  • Interpretation
  • Objective

Part II : Work Pass

  • Identify the various types of Work Pass and its requirements
  • Self-employed Foreigner to apply for Work Pass
  • Levy in for Foreign Employee or self-employed foreigner
  • Extent of validity of Work Pass
  • Custody of Work Pass
  • Loss of Work Pass

Part III : Application for Work Permit

  • Define Work Permit Process Application
  • Eligibility for Work Permit
  • State the maximum period of Employment
  • State the Quota and Levy for Work Permit
  • Levy and Bond for WP
  • FAQs for Work Permit
  • Work Permit Conditions

Part IV : S Pass

  • Key Facts on S Pass
  • Eligibility for S Pass
  • Pass for family members
  • Marriage for S Pass
  • FAQs on S Pass
  • Levy Rate


Part V : Employment Pass

  • Key facts for Employment Pass
  • Application for Employment Pass
  • Changes for qualifying salary for Employment Pass

Part VI : Application for Dependent Pass and Family Pass

  • Application for Family Pass
  • Application for Dependent Pass
  • Application for Dependent Pass for new born baby

Part VII : Termination and Self-Employed Foreigners

  • Termination of Employment of Foreign Employee
  • Self-employed Foreigner to apply for Work Pass

Part VII : Levy

  • Levy Rates
  • Levy in for Foreign Employee or self-employed foreigner
  • Burden of Proof
  • Penalty

Part IX : Safety Courses and Security Bond

  • Safety Courses
  • Security Bond
  • Timeframe to apply for Security Bond
  • Discharge and forfeiture of Security Bond


Elsie Low is a HR Practitioner with over 25 years of experience. She has specific experience and strength in talent acquisition, human resource development, compensation and benefits development, payroll administration and management, talent management, employee communication and relations. She is a visionary and performance focused professional. Coupled with that, she has excellent business acumen with strong work ethics.

Elsie has worked in various multi-national and local SMEs and in different sectors such as manufacturing, electronics, construction, engineering and oil & gas. Her span of responsibility and experience are spent in various regional and leadership roles across different regions in ASEAN, Australia, China and Middle East.

Elsie graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Human Resource and a MBA in Finance. She also possesses the Certificate in Workplace Basics from Fairwork Commission Australia and an Advanced Certificate of Training and Assessment (ACTA).

She is currently one of the trainers for HRSINGAPORE's HR Certification Courses.

Administrative Details:

Scheduled Dates

• 27 April 2022  (17th Run) 

Duration / Venue

• One day

• 9 am to 5:30 pm

• Hotel seminar room


A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded at the end of the course.



• S$ 550 for Community

• S$ 580 for Non-Subscribers


• Coffee & tea with snacks during the morning and afternoon breaks

• Lunch will be provided

Past Participants:

Past Participants' Comments

Past Participant Organisations

• Asahi Kasei Synthetic Rubber Singapore Pte Ltd

• Basler & Hofmann Singapore Pte Ltd

• China Railway 11 Bureau Group Corporation (Singapore Branch), CGW Construction & Engineering (S) Pte Ltd

• DRW Singapore Pte Ltd, Doka Formwork Pte Ltd

• Escher Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

• First National Company for Operation & Maintenance

• Heitkamp Und Thumann (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Highway International Private Limited, Hard Rock Cafe Pte Ltd

• Kok Tong Construction Pte Ltd

• Lions Home For The Elders

• Mum Sophia Agency Pte Ltd, Metta Welfare Association, Menicon Singapore Pte Ltd, Murata Electronics Singapore (Pte) Ltd

• Neste Jacobs, Nanyang Technological University

• Starwood Customer Contact Centre (AP) Pte Ltd, SparkCleanz Pte Ltd, Singapore Red Cross Society

• Technip Singapore Pte Ltd, True Yoga Pte Ltd, Tristars Engineering And Services Pte Ltd

• WIKA Instrumentation Pte Ltd

• YGP Pte Ltd