Ex-employee Accessed Confidential Data

How to manage an ex-employee who has accessed confidential data during his employment?

Managing an ex-employee who has accessed confidential data during his employment can be a difficult and sensitive matter.

Here are some steps that you can take to manage the situation effectively:

1. Investigate the breach: Conduct a thorough investigation to determine the scope of the breach and the extent of the damage caused. This will help you know how to limit the damage and prevent any further unauthorised access.

2. Secure the data: Immediately secure the data that has been compromised. You can do this by changing passwords or implementing new access controls to the data.

3. Contact the employee: Reach out to the ex-employee who has accessed the confidential data and inform them that this is a breach of their employment contract and that it is also illegal. Ask them to return or delete any confidential data they may have.

4. Seek legal advice: If the ex-employee refuses to cooperate, seek legal advice as to the next course of action to take.

5. Notify affected parties: If the breach involves the personal data of customers or employees, you may need to notify the affected parties and the relevant authorities such as the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC).

6. Review internal processes: Review your internal processes and ensure that there are adequate measures in place to prevent such incidents from happening in the future. It is crucial to handle the situation with respect and care for both the company’s interests and the ex-employee’s legal rights.

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