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Under the Singapore Employment Act, is an Excuse Chit recognised as a medical certificate?

In Singapore, under the Employment Act and as per the guidelines by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), the primary document recognised for medical leave purposes is the Medical Certificate (MC) issued by doctors.

Medical Certificates are formal documents provided by a registered medical practitioner or dentist indicating that an employee is unfit for work for a specified period.

An “Excuse Chit” is often issued following medical consultations, particularly in outpatient, polyclinic, or hospital settings, indicating that an individual has been seen by a medical practitioner.

Sometimes, it specifies that the person is excused from certain activities due to medical reasons. However, an Excuse Chit is not traditionally viewed in the same standing as a Medical Certificate to grant statutory sick leave under the Employment Act.

The key distinction lies in the purpose and the explicit indication of unfitness for work:

Medical Certificate (MC): Clearly states that the individual is unfit for work for a specified duration. It is the standard required document for claiming paid sick leave under the Employment Act.

Excuse Chit: This may not explicitly state that the individual is unfit for work, often used to excuse someone from specific activities or duties for a short period. Its acceptance for medical leave purposes depends on the employer’s internal policies.

Employers are encouraged to have clear policies regarding the documentation required for medical leave, including whether Excuse Chits are accepted instead of or alongside Medical Certificates.

This policy should align with the statutory requirements while considering the well-being of employees and operational needs.

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How often do employees use excuse chits in your organisation?

Rarely: 38.46%

Occasionally: 53.85%

Our company allows our employees to produce Time chit, to facilitate their time at the hospital esp. for diagnostic procedures like taking blood test which usually takes up less time. The time-chit is to document their time away. They resume work after that. – Christina

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