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Hi all,

I am new to HR and would like to get your advise on the following: One of our EP holders is currently serving her notice period and she is expected to return to Singapore (she is currently working in USA) this week to work out the exit clearance on 31 March 2017. Her IR21 is still pending clearance and we noted that she intends to leave Singapore on 3 April 2017 and this information has been updated in IR21 too. However, she informed that she is applying for a work permit in USA and she cannot leave until it is approved, Can you advise how we should proceed from here, please? Also, may I know if a doctor's note on hospitalization leave which is issued overseas is recognized locally?

Thank you!






For PR and work pass holders, we will hold their last month’s salary pending tax clearance from IRAS. When we received the Notice of Assessment, we will remit the tax assessed to IRAS, and the balance released to the resigned employees.

With the regard to the Hospitalisation Leave issued by a Hospital overseas, I would say that it will depends on your company’s policy. Under the Employment Act (which we apply across the board), an employee is entitled to 60 Hospitalisation Leave Days which includes 14 days outpatient leave; if you recognise the overseas medical certificate, I would opined that you should deduct it from the annual entitlement.




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