Exit Interview Comments

Are comments made during an exit interview typically shared with their respective line managers, or are they limited only for use by the HR department?

Exit interviews are conducted by the HR department to gather feedback from departing employees about their experience in the company.

The information gathered can be very valuable to identify areas of improvement, retain existing employees, and enhance the workplace.

As for sharing the feedback with managers, it depends on the company’s policy and the nature of the comments.

Here are some general guidelines:

Anonymity and Confidentiality: To encourage honest feedback, HR usually assures employees that their responses will be kept confidential. If the comments are to be shared with managers, they are typically made anonymous and aggregated to protect the individual’s identity.

Constructive Feedback: Constructive feedback that can help improve management practices, work processes, or the work environment can be shared with managers. However, it’s important to present it in a way that is non-personal and focuses on improvement.

Sensitive Information: If the feedback involves allegations of misconduct, harassment, or other serious issues, the HR department may need to conduct a separate investigation and decide on the appropriate steps to take, which may involve informing the relevant managers or higher management.

As a best practice, HR should communicate the company’s policy on exit interviews and the use of feedback to both managers and employees.

Do you or HR share exit interview information with line managers?

Yes: 17.65%

No: 29.41%

Sometimes: 52.94%

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