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Exit Interview for Non Exempt Staff


Hi HR Practitioners,

I like to find out from this Community if anyone of you would recommend conducting an exit interview, especially with the factory workers? Is there benefits in doing so I am of the view that this will not be very beneficial given that most of the factory workers who leave may not be so open-minded and will not give the real reasons of leaving.

Looking forward to your assistance and advise.




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Yes, our company does an exit interview although as you said, most employees leaving the company may not wish to share their reason for moving on. Nonetheless, you will still get a handful who are willing to share problems they faced at work. For that, the company is able to tackle the problem mentioned and improve on where ever possible. Trying explaining that whatever they mentioned will be helpful to their other colleagues who are still in the company.




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To overcome your concern (over whether resignees will be truthful), we usually conduct an exit interview on the last day of work or after the employee left the company.

I feel that the exit interview is still useful as it may provide a better understanding of employee retention issues. Understanding is the first step towards improvement or better acceptance of the situation.