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Expat Package in Singapore


Dear HR Professionals,

I would like to seek advice on what kind of package does your provide for Expats coming to S'pore with their family (4 pax) i.e. Family Medical Insurance, 1 Home flight for 4 pax per year, Accommodations, Handphone bills, Utility bills, Children school fees, others, etc.





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We provide the following expat's employment terms and conditions:

1 Basic annual salary
2 Premium on salary
3 Notice of termination
4 Housing allowance/benefits per month
5 Cost of living allowance per month
6 1 month settling-in allowance (1-month house rental)
7 Loan for house rental deposit - Repayable at end of employment
8 Hotel expenses up to 1 month while personal effects are on the way to Singapore
9 Personal income tax equalization - Maximum payable by expat, Company pays the rest
10 Car rental
11 Car petrol, tolls, parking
12 Children's school fees x number of children
13 Air ticket - home passage per year - number of pax - 2 ways
14 Annual leave per year
15 Banking fee - transfer of money from Singapore to the country of origin, how many times a year
16 Medical and Hospitalization Insurance (Worldwide)
17 Long term disability leave
18 Dental benefits - Amount x number of pax per year
19 Prescription Eye Wears benefits - Amount x number of pax per 2 years
20 40 footer container - 1 way
21 Compensation for the country of origin's social security/contributions
23 Life Insurance - how times of annual salary
24 Personal Accident - how times of annual salary




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