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Expatriate Terms


Dear HR Professionals,

Can anyone share on expatriate terms in terms of housing allowance, transport etc?




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For housing, we have 2 methods

a) We provide a maximum house rental limit and the Company signs a tenancy agreement with the landlord. Expatriates bear their own utilities expenses, with the exception of CEO.

b) For some expatriates, we also provide them with a fixed housing allowance and they sign tenancy agreement directly with the landlord.

For transport, the company provides car rental. Size of car and budget depends on individual expatriate’s job level and family’s situation. They can claim petrol, parking and ERP.




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We were providing the expatriates with a fixed amount of money to cover their housing and transportation allowances respectively. Example:

- Accommodation allowances were 2400 USD per month
- Transportation allowances were 1000 USD per month

Since Afghanistan is different than other countries, the cost may vary from country to country.