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Expats' Leave


Dear all HR practitioners,

When an expat is coming to your host country, what is the industry practice to settle his/her remaining leave in current home country?

A. To clear it before going to host country and start afresh
B. To carry forward to the host country

Appreciate any explanation and practice.

Thank you.




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Our practice is that they should clear their leave before embarking onto the host country. They will enjoy prorated leave in the host country - and their leave entitlement is following host country practices/ policies.




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We recommend clearing it before going to the host country. This is because the leave entitlements across the countries may vary. Also, in view of resignation, encashment of unutilised leave will be calculated based on salary in the host country. This method would be a more accurate representation of HC related costs in the respective countries.




Reply 3

We clear it in the home country and they start afresh in the host country. Similarly, when they leave, we clear it in the host country. This makes it clean on the value of the remuneration that is “not carried” over.