Extending Bond Period

My company has a training programme in place where we will sponsor the studies of selected individuals. In return, there will be a bond in place. May I check if it is common practice to extend the bond period if the employee goes on maternity leave?

It is not uncommon for companies to have policies in place regarding the extension of bond periods due to extended leaves, such as maternity leave.

However, such practices must be communicated and stipulated in the bonding agreement or the related company policy.

The rationale behind extending the bond period when an employee goes on maternity leave is to ensure that the company receives the full intended period of service in exchange for the investment in the employee’s training.

Nevertheless, the policy must be fair and not be discriminatory on the grounds of gender or family responsibility.

In Singapore, under the Employment Act and as per the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices, employers are encouraged to treat employees fairly and based on merit.

When it comes to maternity leave, it is important to respect the statutory rights of employees and ensure any policies align with the Ministry of Manpower’s guidelines.

If you are considering implementing or adapting such a policy, it is advisable to communicate the terms to the employees before they agree to the training sponsorship and to ensure that these terms are understood and agreed upon.

It would also be beneficial to seek feedback from your employees on this matter to ensure that the policy is fair and supports a positive working environment.

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Is it common practice in Singapore for employers to extend the bond period if an employee goes on maternity leave?

Yes: 33.33%

No: 33.33%

Depends: 20.83%

Not Sure: 12.50%

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