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Extra Day for Public Holidays Falling on Saturday


Dear HR Professionals,

The 2nd day of Chinese New Year in 2018 falls on a Saturday. Would you mind sharing what is the policy at your company?

- Do you give one extra leave?

- Do you have one day where everyone is off together?

- Is it a common practice even though for a example some employees (eg PMETs) are not covered by employment act?

Hoping to push for this extra day in mine, thank you for your help!




Reply 1

As per Company Policy, we provide an additional day of AL for all staff, regardless of whether they're covered by EA or not.




Reply 2

The 2nd day of Lunar New Year in 2018 falls on a Saturday, we give one day annual leave in lieu to all staff.




Reply 3

Yes, if the holiday falls on a rest day, we would credit one day Off In Lieu_Public Holiday. They will need to finish up this leave in 3 months time. It applies to all employee across the board.




Reply 4

We get 1 day Off-in-lieu credited into the leave system for us when a PH falls on Saturday.




Reply 5

It’s in our policy that if a public holiday falls on Saturday, 1 day will be credited to the employees as Off-in-lieu immediately after the public holiday. This Off-in-lieu leave must be taken within 3 months after which it will be forfeited if not consumed.




Reply 6

We will credit all staff with one day leave as we are on a 5 day working week.




Reply 7

We credit one additional day of annual leave for all staff who do not work on Saturdays (off day), regardless whether they are covered by employment act.




Reply 8

We will credit 1 day leave for employee, but they are required to use within the next 3 months.

Hwee Lin



Reply 9

We are on a 5 day work week. When a public holiday falls on a Saturday, our staff will get 1 day off in lieu of the public holiday which have to be taken within 1 month. Any off-in-lieu not taken within the month will be forfeited.




Reply 10

We do not provide 1 day extra leave to staff. However, our office is closed on 19 February to replace the off-in-lieu on Saturday public holiday. This applies to all employees whether they are covered or not covered by the Employment Act.




Reply 11

We work on 5 days week, any PH falls on a Saturday, the following Monday would be OFF day for all.




Reply 12

We credit one day leave for all employees and they must utilize this off-in-lieu by end of the year.

Choon Mui


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