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Failure to submit medical chit


Dear Fellow HR Practitioners,

I have an associate who wrote to inform us that he leaving office at 4 pm for a medical appointment.

The next day, when we requested a medical chit from him to support his absence.

He then explained that he did not see the doctor as the clinic was closed when he arrived.

Kindly advise how we should handle such actions

Thank you







Dear Sim,

We would advise the employee that his leave is classified as annual leave.



These are his options:

1. Half-day annual leave will be deducted for not submitting a medical.

2. Half-day of the salary is deducted as it is considered as no pay leave.

Medical appointments are made in advance, usually, to ensure seeing the doctor.

Perhaps he wanted an excuse to leave work early. In which case, counselling and a warning may be required.



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