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Family Care Leave


Dear HR Practitioners,

We would like to improve on our staff benefit and was wondering if we would like to introduce Family Care Leave what would be the norm? Will this be given to all employees (single, married, married with kids, etc)? Or can we exclude those employees who already enjoy the Government-Paid Childcare Leave? As we do not wish to discriminate, we would like to learn and hear from you.

Thank you!



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Our company do not have family leave but if implemented we will give this benefit to all staff as part of our family-friendly policies. For administrative purposes it will be easier too otherwise you will have to monitor when an employee is no longer entitle to childcare leave then family leave will have to be granted and many other scenarios etc.




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We provide 3 days of family care for staff who are single and married with no kids. Staff enjoy 6 days childcare leave will not entitle to family care leave. Staff who enjoys 2 days extended child care can enjoy 1-day family care leave. We are from the Finance Industry.




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My company extends 2 days’ Family Care Leave to ALL employees and it must be consumed within the calendar year. No supporting documents like MC are required for such leave application. This is in addition to the other statutory childcare related leave.