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Five Days MC


Dear Fellow HR Practitioners,

I have an admin staff who is able to work from home.

However, she is on 5 days MC and wants to continue to work from home as she is well enough.

In this case, will she need to apply her 5 days MC, as she would like to use the MC only on certain days?

Would there be an issue during an audit?

Thank You




Yes. The employee is not allowed to work during medical leave.




Hi Reena,

We have allowed employees to work if they can do so. Only if they need to rest, then he/she will apply MC for the days she is resting.





Hi there,

I would like to ask a question about this 5 day MC that doctors give.
As some staff may be issued 2 rounds of such 5 days MC since they are not fit to return to work. That would be an average of 8 working days (depending on when they saw the doctor).

1) Do you allow the staff to apply/count it towards their Hospitalization Leave instead? I have a staff telling me that the doctor said it should be counted as Hospitalization Leave.

2) We are just in the start of the 2nd Quarter and if the staff have already used up 8 days of their MC, how do you handle the situation if now the staff needs more days for other ailments such as muscle pain or non-COVID symptoms?




Hi Fellow HR Practitioners,

Just wanted a show of hands how many of us here are providing the 5 days MC as Hospitalisation Leave instead of Medical Leave.

Correct me if I am wrong I believe it is not mandatory to provide as Hospitalisation Leave as MOM did not indicate so unless the MC itself clearly show as Hospitalisation Leave.

Appreciate all your sharing.

Thank you.




A person is certified unfit for work on the days indicated by the doctor on the day of consultation. It is to be utilised based on the dates certified for rest by the doctor. MC cannot be 'carried forward' to be utilised on any other day, other than the dates certified by the doctor.

However, if the staff chooses not to utilise all the 5 days MC and is well by say, the 3rd day, the HR department can take note of that and do proper documentation.

MC is paid leave so I am wondering why the staff insists on working when she can rest? It is not like she will be paid double for choosing to work instead of taking the MC.  Although, I have come across staff who have a high sense of accountability and work ethic and will choose to work due to work exigency.

As for MC and according to the Ministry of Manpower:

The 60 days Hospitalisation Leave includes the 14 days outpatient Sick Leave entitlement. (for employees who have worked 6 months and more)

Hospitalisation Leave applies to anyone who is warded in hospital for surgery or under specific circumstances e.g. Quarantine order required under the law.




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