Foreign Worker Housing Allowance

We are in the food manufacturing industry and we are currently reviewing the allowance that we provide to our foreign workers who are renting rooms in the housing estates.

Since the last post related to this topic in November 2020 (Housing Allowance for Foreign Worker), HDB housing rentals have increased exponentially to about one-third of their salary and so our HODs are requesting Management to review this allowance and increase the amount.

We currently provide a minimal amount as housing allowance and I would like to find out on average, what is the amount that companies here are subsidising their foreign workers.

Thank you for your suggestions in advance.

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The housing allowance we give our foreign workers is:

Less than $100 per month: 2.78%

More than $100 but less than $200 per month: 5.56%

More than $200 but less than $300 per month: 27.78%

More than $300 but less than $400 per month: 22.22%

More than $400 but less than $500 per month: 5.56%

More than $500 per month: 11.11%

We do not give any housing allowance to foreign workers: 25.00%

Comments from HR Community Subscribers

We give S$350 per month. – Aven

Our NTS workers are staying in a dormitory, and rental is not cheap either. Average per pax is >$350 + GST = <$400. – Hazel

We are from the Marine Shipyard industry and are not paying Housing allowance to the workers. However, we are paying dorm rental for all workers, and each cost about $450.00 per person per month. As for the utility bills we will deduct accordingly to the number of workers in the Dorm and is shared equally. – Yvonne

We give a $300 housing allowance to Work Permit and S Pass holders. – EL

S$550 per month per pax. This is for the actual room rental fee they pay for 2 pax to a room arrangement at the HDB apartment. Room rentals fee has hit sky-high over the last few months. The reality is there is a shortage of dormitory space now so most workers have been housed in rooms. Gone are the days when housing allowance used to be S$200-300 per month. – Lucy

We recently revised the housing allowance to $300.00 per month for our foreign workers. – Jit

Comment by HRAI

The amount and type of housing allowance provided by companies in Singapore can vary depending on the employer and the employee’s position. Some companies may provide subsidised housing for their foreign workers, while others may offer a cash allowance to help cover housing expenses.

The amount of the housing allowance can also vary widely, depending on factors such as the employee’s salary, the cost of living in Singapore, and the specific terms of the employment contract. It is not possible to provide a definitive answer to what is the usual amount of housing allowance, as it can differ from company to company and also depend on the employee’s individual circumstances.

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