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Foreign worker issues


Dear Fellow HR Practitioners,

I have a foreign worker who joined us on 1 November 2019 on a two-year contract.

Now, he wants to resign and join another company claiming that his current salary is insufficient to support his family back home.

We are unable to make any salary adjustments due to the current recession.

He wants our permission to seek employment with another company and compensate him for the one way flight to his home country even though he is not going home.

Do you face similar issues with foreign workers in your company?

How do you think I should handle this situation and future problems from such employees.

We are in the engineering industry.

Thank you and best regards




HR Poll: Are foreign workers becoming more unreasonable nowadays?


Yes, I think so: 76.92%

No, they are not: 7.69%

I am not sure: 15.38%








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