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Foreign worker repatriation


Dear HR Practitioners

I seek your help and advice in managing the repatriation of foreign workers (FW).

We have an FW whom we have to send back to China.

In the past, we would just put him on a flight home.

Nowadays, the situation is complicated due to COVID-19 as there is no direct flight to their hometown, transit and quarantine.

If there are additional costs to be borne in the repatriation to the nearest airport, travel to hometown and quarantine, do we as the employer have to bear them?

Appreciate your advice.

Thank you.




HR Poll: Does the employer bear the additional costs of repatriation of FWs?

Yes: 81.48%

No: 7.41%

Not sure: 11.11%





It depends on your company. Not compulsory. On a goodwill basis, you can give a sum amount for the staff to purchase the domestic flight.




My thoughts - it is the responsibility of the employer to repatriate to hometown, therefore, even with the additional complications due to Covid-19, the employer's responsibility remains the same. Unfortunately, more work to organise it and more cost.




It's the responsibility of every employer to make sure the employees are safe because the main resources the company has to generate monitory resources and growth. This as well gives the employees a feeling that " my employer cares about me" thus ownership, belonging and pride that an employee is important. This act alone attracts many employees to your organization.




If Employer repatriates, they should take responsibility for all costs. - Alice


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