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Frequent MC on Mondays



Dear all,

My company always has a lot of MCs on Monday. Is there something we can do or communicate from an HR perspective? I am very tempted to send out an email, but am cautious of the implications.




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“Monday Blue” or “TGIF” absenteeism is common & popular.

· HR dept [with buy-in from GM & HODs] will alert HODs after a period of monitoring.
· Checking if MC is from same or different clinics.
· Closed Meet up session by HOD with staff to address this issue.
· Staff is brief how their “holiday” affects manpower planning, teamwork and production/business.
· Usually a verbal warning follows.




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Ever since we implement monthly attendance incentive, the attendance rate has gone up. Our attendance incentive is $100/- for each employee. Should there be an absence from work, be it MC, urgent leave or no-pay leave, it will automatically disqualified for the month.




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Appoint company doctor to control if you don't have this in place.




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This issue should be tackled by the respective HODs instead of HR. As custodians of staff, they are in a legitimate position to counsel and caution staff with attendance issue. For HR, you may want to understand from your panel doctors’ 3rd party handler (if applicable) the nature of the MCs given and sieve out potential malingerer(s) who should be appropriately disciplined.




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MC on Mondays is something we cannot stop or avoid. Instead, you may implement attractive "Incentives for staff with NO MC per month or quarterly basis". It can be rewarded with shopping vouchers or food vouchers and even movies vouchers. My company have such practice and we are glad that it does well for all.