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Dear HR Community

We have a number of staff who work with us on six months to one-year contacts and are paid on an hourly basis based on the number of hours worked.

Furthermore, there is also no fixed working hours for this group whom we refer to as our gig workforce who are adjunct or associate lecturers.

My question is whether it is mandatory to provide childcare benefits for this part of our workforce?

Appreciate your advice and views.

Thank you




HR Poll: Is it mandatory to provide childcare benefits to gig workers?

Yes: 36.84%

No: 31.58%

Perhaps: 10.53%

Not sure: 21.05%




3 days CCL until child turns 7. - Mavis

Hi Jan, I believe the approach is to first determine if the contract with your gig workforce who are adjunct or associate lecturers is a contract of service, i.e. employed staff, or contract for service, i.e. they are considered as self-employed. If it is the latter, there is no such entitled benefits. On the other hand, if they are employed staff. Based on their working hour, there will be childcare and extended childcare leave for such employees and you may use the formula provided by MOM to calculate the entitlement (Average number of hours a week the staff has to work)/ (Average number of hours a week a similar full-time employee has to work) x Days of childcare leave a similar full-time employee has x Number of hours a day a similar full-time employee has to work, subject to a minimum of 2 days. Hope it helps. KH

Hi Jan. If they are considered as part-time workers, then they are entitled to child care leave. Their leave eligibility can be calculated according to number hours they work. - KY

Although this group of people are not covered by law for employer to provide benefit but there is no harm in providing them prorated benefit (can easily do that using HRIS to calculate the entitlement automatically against their employment period) - Van



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