Global Accident Policy

Dear HR Community

We are a manufacturer of pipes and related materials and have work permit, S-pass and EP holders as well as local employees, temps and trainees.

All of them are covered by a personal accident policy in case of any incidents that might occur locally.

However, our HQ office is going to provide similar insurance but at a global level i.e. 24/7 worldwide coverage for accidents on or off the job for all of them.

Consequently, we are planning to cease our local policy on the renewal date.

Do you think we should continue with the local policy?

I would appreciate any advice based on your experience.

Thank you




HR Poll: Do you think we should continue with the local personal accident policy for all employees?

Yes: 27.78%

No: 33.33%

Perhaps: 22.22%

Not sure: 16.67%




At first you should compare the HQ's global insurance package with the local package and find out the differences then analyse the good and bad impacts. At the same time focus on Singapore legal requirements on local and foreign workers insurance coverage. If HQ policies coverage is lower than Singapore legal requirements then you can't adopt HQ policies. You need meet the local legal requirements first then the rest may consider HQ policies if it covers better for employee's insurance. - Yang



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