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Government-Paid Childcare Leave Scheme


Dear HR Practitioners,

1. For the 3 days, CCL that are paid by the employers is the employee paid full pay or only up to $500 per day?

2. How do we process the 3 days paid by the government? Do we pay the $500 per day and get reimbursed by the government or do we not pay for those 3 days and the employee files for payment directly from the government?

Thank you





1st 3 days (be it taken half or full day basis) of CCL paid by employees are treated like ‘AL’, we pay employees salary like they are taking their AL. Next 3 days of CCL work the same as the above, we only submit the claims via the system after the last day of CCL taken and must be submitted within 3 months of last day application. Gov will only be reimbursed up to $500/day.





In Myanmar, there are no CCL bylaws. For women (wives), they enjoy maternity leave (14 weeks) and for men (husbands), they enjoy paternity leave (15 days). That's all.





The answers to your question are found in the Child Development Co-Savings Act. Section 12B subsection 9 says that the first 3 days of CCL are payable based on a gross rate of pay. Beyond 3 days, salary payable is capped at $500 per day (inclusive of employer CPF).

The $500 cap applies to the 2 days extended CCL too. Pay employees usual salary for all CCL and employer claims from the government later.




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