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Handling Staff Punctuality


Hi HR practitioners,

May I know how does your Company handle staff punctuality issue?

Besides scheduling a one to one meeting with staff to show the Attendance records on lateness, warning letter etc, do you also adopt alternatives:-

1) To request staff to make up for the total time they were late for the month.

2) Deduct salary to deter such poor tardiness according to minutes/hours loss accumulated for the month.

3) Salary increment/performance bonus will be affected.

Await your valued sharing.

Thank you.




1) To ask the staff about the root cause of lateness in order to cope with flexible means.

2) Firstly, no deduct salary to deter such poor tardiness according to minutes/hours loss accumulated for the month. He/she should have a chance to improve behavioural change. Secondly, if it persists as accustomed, it will be deducted salary. Finally, there are no other alternatives, just take necessary disciplinary action in compliance with the prescribed policy. Equity and valid action.

3) Salary increment/performance bonus won’t be affected at the initial period.




You have covered pretty much.

As we are an office environment, we allow flexible working hours as per the employees' situation.



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