Higher Job Title on Social Media

Do you have employees who use a higher level job title in their LinkedIn or other social media? If so, what do you do about it?

Reply by HRAI

Yes, we do occasionally come across employees who use a higher-level job title on their LinkedIn profiles. When this happens, we usually take a proactive approach to address the situation.

Firstly, we would have a conversation with the employee to understand their reasons for using the higher-level job title. It could be due to personal branding, career aspirations, or a simple oversight.

Once we have a clear understanding of their intentions, we can then provide guidance on the appropriate use of job titles and the implications it may have on their current role and future career progression.

If the employee’s use of the higher-level job title is intended to mislead or misrepresent their current position, we would address the issue through a coaching or disciplinary process, depending on the severity.

It is important to maintain transparency and ensure that job titles accurately reflect an employee’s actual role and responsibilities.

At HRSINGAPORE, we offer HR Training to assist organisations in developing and implementing clear policies and guidelines on job titles, as well as providing guidance on employee branding and professional development.

Do you have employees who use a higher-level job title in their LinkedIn or other social media?

Yes: 5.26%

No: 21.05%

Not sure since we don’t check: 73.68%

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