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Hiring mature workers


Dear HR Practitioners

We have non-discriminatory policies with respect to the age of our job applicants in our organisation.

This means that we will not know the age of our candidates until they are employed.

This is fine for most cases except when the new hire is near the retirement age.

And since we offer every new employee a three-year contract, I understand that for mature workers, it should be a one-year contract renewable until age 67.

How do we reconcile this situation?

We are in the healthcare industry.

Thank you in advance for your advice.




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From the candidate CV, you should be able to estimate the age of the candidate - Nancy

If you can find out their age from their application form, CV or Resume, why do you ask, age is a very sensitive question to most people across all age groups. Your application form should indicate "Date of Birth" so that it will not fall into this situation. - Susan

Under the current RRA, employers must offer re-employment of min 1 year to eligible employees who turn 62, up to age 67, to continue their employment in the organisation. It does not stop an employer from hiring someone new who is above 67. If you hire someone between 59-61 yrs old on a 3-year contract, it would still fall within the above guideline. Your concern may be hiring one whom you found out later to be 65 & above. However, if he/she is able to make it through an interview, it means that he/she is good and therefore age should not be a concern. One can also estimate the age of a candidate by looking at his education & employment history. This would have to be ascertained in details during the interview since DOB is not stated in the application. There is also always the early termination clause in the contract of employment. - YW

Depend on job nature, some job scope(handle heavy object) may not suitable for senior/retirement age candidates. - Jenny

Though we understand the need for non-discrimination, it is unavoidable to have a suitable age as a criterion for our recruitment. One reason is, I prefer to build a team that works, and often, age (or generation gap) is one factor that affects the team. If my team of back-end employees are between age 20-40, I will look for candidates of the same age group. Unless the situation calls for the need for a senior role, then I will consider candidates above that age group. The second reason, I would not want to hire workers who are older than 60. I am in the construction industry, the physical health of the worker is important. If they have bad eyesight, bad hearing, or difficulty in movement, it will become a safety hazard. - Kelly


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